To Our Wonderful Windsor Public Library Community:
I miss seeing everyone at the library.* I miss talking with you all in person about great books, library programs, what you love about or want for the town of Windsor, for Vermont, our country, and our library. I miss not having to worry about getting too close to you. Or you getting too close to me. I miss not having to worry about our health or how our current political situation may even interfere with that health and well-being.
I look forward to opening the library's doors to you, but my desire is tempered by hesitation and concern. When we do open the doors, things will still not be normal. We will have to police how many people come in at a time. Enforce time limits at the library and mask-wearing. Admonish those who get too close. Educate those who don't wait on the appropriate masking-taped line.
I went to my favorite farm stand a few weeks ago, cautiously, to get plants. No other customers were there so I darted in. And got chastised for picking up the plant I wanted. "Staff need to pick things out for you! Don't touch!" I didn't know. There wasn't a sign, but still... Then he apologized to me with a sigh. "We're all still trying to figure out how to make this work..." Yes. We are.
I go to another store that feels safe because they have what I call an "ice cream window." You can stand outside, order through the sliding window, and they bring it out for you. But last week, the owner told me eagerly, "We're open now! Don't you want to come inside?" I politely declined and opted for the window. No. I don't want to come inside. It doesn't feel safe.
I wish that Windsor Public Library had an "ice cream window" for all of us. Where it was easy to happily interact outside and from a safe distance. Where we could easily pass books, DVDs, seeds and conversation out to you. Alas, we have no accessible window to the world. But we are doing our very best to reach out to you. To meet your reading, entertainment, educational and community needs while also keeping us all safe.
Until we open our physical doors, we send you all virtual hugs from at least 6 feet away. And ask you to have patience with us as we enter this next, uncertain step in this time of the pandemic. 



*And I realize that I've only been back here since February so I probably haven't even met some of you yet. But somehow these strange circumstances are affecting my perception of time so that my current time and the time I was here before are blending together in my head as if I never left.