Amazon Wish List/Amazon Smile

Are you interested in purchasing something for the library? Why not take a look at our Wish List.

The wish list contains items we need for our library to run smoothly and/or to add to our collection. You can choose from a variety of materials in varying price ranges. We would be happy to receive anything from the list at any time.

When making your purchase be sure to use If you shop at Amazon, and use Smile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will make a gift to the Library who support the library equal to 0.5% percent of the price of whatever you purchase. Purchases made on Amazon’s regular site do not generate a gift from the Foundation; only purchases made through Amazon Smile’s site do.

The Wish List includes a ship-to address, so you can send your selection right to the library. When ordering, be sure to check the box "this will be a gift" so that we will be notified of your donation! Gifts are not only much appreciated by the Library, but they are also tax deductible. To receive a letter acknowledging a gift(s), email us at

Thank you for thinking of us!