Autumn is always a special time at the Library.  Those summer vacations are long since over; the school year is in full swing.  It is now, in this season when our community settles back into itself, and finds its Library's doors wide open, that I see most clearly how much we all need and cherish this place in which to gather, to learn, and to find inspiration.
In fact, the Windsor Library's monthly usage and attendance has been climbing steadily all year.  Evidence of the Library's importance to the community, this growth can be attributed to the creative and diverse calendar of programs on offer, by our well-curated collection of books, periodicals, and DVDs, and by our wonderful, helpful librarians and volunteers.  And last but not least, free Wi-Fi for anyone who needs it.
Your financial support of your Library sustains all of these things.  Please consider a donation of any size to help make sure our growth continues.
You know your Library is not a luxury but a true necessity:
  • when students recognize that it's a safe space after school to study or quietly hang out
  • when residents of our local retirement communities have books delivered to them that they wouldn't otherwise be able to get on their own
  • when free internet access allows you to search and apply for jobs, and free reference service provides access to a librarian for help with your resume
  • when programs run the gamut from hunting rifle safety tips to sustainable gardening techniques, from Spanish lessons to babysitting certification
As you know, the Library counts on a town appropriation to make up 70% of its operating budget.  For the rest, we absolutely rely on you - on the generosity of each community member who knows that this Library is important and irreplaceable.
On behalf of everyone at Windsor Library, thank you for your time and support.
Sincerely, Tom Haushalter, President of Trustees
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