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Friends of Windsor Library

The Friends of the Windsor Library is an all-volunteer service organization supporting our public library and its patrons.

What We Do:
The Friends organize and administer fundraising events in support of special projects and purchases in the Library. For instance, we manage an annual book sale and have hosted raffles, sales, auctions, speaker engagements, and many other events. Through our fundraising efforts, we have helped to purchase new carpet for the library, refinished some of the original oak furniture, renovated the children’s room and supported programs for young and old alike.


Friends of Windsor Library is open to any individual, association, organization or corporation interested in supporting the work of this important community resource. Dues are only $5 per year. Our membership year extends from May through April. We are always looking for new members and meet at the library on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm.

Board of Directors

Sally Bemont, President
Beth Carlson, Vice President
Pamm Trask, Secretary
Rosemary Hall, Treasurer

The Bertha Frothingham Memorial Prize

A photograph of Bertha Frothingham
Bert Frothingham, 1911-2005

Bertha Perkins Frothingham (affectionately know as “Bert”) was born on December 21, 1911, and died on her 94th birthday in 2005.  Bert founded the Friends of Windsor Library in April 1990. She was also responsible for establishing the volunteer program in the library, one of the most active and well staffed in the state.

In its November 2006 meeting, the board of directors of the Friends of Windsor Library unanimously approved a motion that resulted in the creation of the Bertha Frothingham Memorial Prize, first awarded in 2008.  The prize is presented to a child who has shown an outstanding affinity for the printed or written word, either through a demonstrated love and advocacy of reading or an accomplished portfolio of writings.  Any child whose primary residence is Windsor, Vermont, and is in the 7th or 8th grade is eligible to win the prize. No child may be eligible to win the prize on more than one occasion.  Any eligible child may be nominated by anyone for the prize, including the potential winner.  Nominations should consist of a cover letter and any supporting materials, sent or delivered to the board at the library, 43 State Street, Windsor, VT.  One winner will be named each year at the sole discretion of the board.




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