Library Hours

On Monday, August 3rd, we will begin allowing people into the building by appointment during the following times:

Monday: 9-5
Wednesday: 11-7
Friday: 9-4
Saturday: 9-1 
Normal Hours (Pre/Post COVID-19):
Monday: 9am to 8pm
Tuesday: 12noon to 6pm
Wednesday: 9am to 8pm
Thursday: 12noon to 6pm
Friday: 9am to 4pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm

You can use the appointlet link (below!) to book a half-hour appointment for you and your household to visit the library and check out books/DVDs after 8/3.

A limited number of appointments are also available to use the computer for essential reasons (look for a job, check email, etc.)  
You can also make an appointment by calling the library at 674-2556.   
Curbside delivery continues to be an option.

Rules for Entering the Library:
1. Anyone under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
2. Masks are required.
3. We ask that the hours of 9-10 on Mondays and Fridays be set aside for those at higher risk from COVID (i.e. elderly or a pre-existing condition.)
4. Don't come to the library if you are sick! 
5. Please be on time so you can enjoy your full half-hour.  
Please email   or call 674-2556 with any questions.