The Windsor Public Library Lift Installation and Accessibility Project will occur inside the footprint of the existing building at 43 State Street, Windsor, Vermont. This project will entail the following:


- A wheelchair lift will be installed by taking space from this corner of the staff office (and a corresponding corner of the downstairs historical records room.) This will involve shortening the bookshelves shown here, removing this office door but leaving the door frame and aligning the back of the lift with the existing historical door frame and woodwork above the door. Lift users will enter the office through the office door to the left of the circulation desk, then, once in the office, turn right to enter the lift.

In order to install the lift, the floor will be cut through and a fire-rated enclosure will be created to maintain separation between floor levels.


Following is a picture from the hall, outside the office at the top of the stairs. This is looking in toward where the back of the lift will be. The actual door here will be removed. The door frame will be kept. (The removed door will be kept to be reused at a future time in the library.)


Some of the stairs to the basement will be redone for safety. There are several winders near the bottom. (Winders are stairs that are wider on one side than the other to accommodate going around a corner.) The top winder will be replaced with a landing and the stairs below it will be rebuilt. The newel post, balusters and bannister will be maintained as much as possible for historic integrity.
Following is the view from the basement looking up at the staircase. These lower stairs will be rebuilt to remove the winders.

 In the basement, a portion of the historical records room will be taken up by the lift. The glass cabinets will be moved to another wall in the room so they are maintained. One of the doors to this room (pictured) at the bottom of the stairs will be removed since this room doesn't need two doors.
The library’s only bathroom is in the basement. The current bathroom door will be expanded and reset to open outwards rather than into the bathroom.
The current sink will be replaced with one that is wall-mounted and ADA compliant. 

The current toilet will be reseated at a 90-degree angle for handicapped access and grab bars will be installed. 
Architectural Plans:
Lift Plans