Programs for YA

Do you need community service hours?  Come to the Library and fill out an application.  Volunteers help with tasks such as shelving books, dusting shelves, assisting in programs, prepping crafts, and shoveling snow.  We'd love to have you join us to fulfill your school requirement!

Tabletop Role Playing Games Saturday, May 18th 10:00am.  Curious about Dungeons and Dragons or other fantasy tabletop games?  Or maybe you have experience but just don’t have a group to play with?  Come in for a morning of tabletop games for people of all ages, with no previous experience required.   Introductory sessions of Dungeon World and Dungeons and Dragons will begin at 10:00am but come beforehand to make a character, color a paper miniature, or just to ask questions.  To ensure that there is enough space at the tables, please notify the Library staff of your intention to attend in advance by calling 674-2556.