Programs for YA


Wednesday, July 29th, 6PM

Book Discussion - The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

2020 Vermont Reads Young Adult/Adult book discussion. Held outside behind the library. Please bring your own chair. Call the library to get a copy of this book you can keep! Please register by calling the library at 674-2556.

Summer 2020: The Almost-Anything-Goes-Make-Your-Reading-Live Contest!

Our grand finale summer reading program contest allows participants -- adults, kids, entire families -- to read a book of your choice. And then create and videotape a project based on the book. It can be anything! Some examples:

  • Perhaps you just read a fiction book on the Civil War and the protagonist made bread with acorn flour because no wheat flour was available. Your project could be videotaping yourself making your own acorn flour/bread.

  • Maybe you read Pride and Prejudice and you and your significant other/family member decide to act out and videotape the scene of Mr. Darcy proposing to Elizabeth Bennett and her rejection of him.

  • Maybe you read a biography of Fred Rogers and you create a Mr Rogers-esque puppet show.

  • Maybe you read Tom Wessell's Reading the Forested Landscape and from knowledge gained in this book, you videotape yourself exploring and describing a particular forested landscape.

  • Maybe from the Lego Adventure Book, you videotape yourself making a lego spaceship!

Please don't let these examples limit you. The options are limitless! Decide on your project, record it and send a link to before 9/1/2020. We will put all of the contest entries on our website. The top three entries selected by our panel of judges will win a goody-bag filled with fun local foods, gifts and gift certificates. Want more information? Email

VIDCODE Virtual Coding Club Clubs are lead by Vidcode coding experts and are held each Tuesday @ 3pm for coders of all experience levels (age 11 years old and up).