The Windsor Public Library seed library gives library patrons access to free, non-genetically modified seeds, gardening tips, and seed saving information. With a library card, patrons can “borrow” packets of seeds from the library. To return the seeds in the fall, the gardener lets a few of the plants go unharvested and collects the seeds from these plants, returning them to the library.

A list of what's available for spring/summer 2021 can be found here. 

Ways you can help out:                                                         

Donate seeds! We are accepting donations of non-GMO, non-copyrighted, seeds. No hybrids, please. And one great way to donate seeds is, if you order from High Mowing Seeds, instead of buying the standard small packet, buy one of the larger ones and give the library seeds you don't need!

Volunteer to assist with the seed library!

Donate money to be used for the seed library!

Spread the word and come grow with us!

A huge thank-you to High Mowing Organic Seeds of Wolcott, VT and Seed Savers Exchange for donating seeds to our library!!!

Humans have been saving seeds for thousands of years. It’s only in the last century or so that most gardeners have stopped saving seeds and come to rely on seed companies. Now that tide is turning. Saving seeds allows us to grow plants that are from our community. It allows us to grow seeds that are suited to our climate and resistant to local diseases. And, as well as sharing seeds, the seed library will also share gardening and seed saving information. The seed library will strive to build and unite Windsor’s gardening community and will allow residents of all income levels to have free access to high quality seeds.

Following are some great resources for getting started that were shared with us by Sarah Milek of Cider Hill Gardens:


The Woodchuck’s Guide to Gardening by Ron Krupp – A Vermont Organic Gardener. Easy reading and very informative with lots of how to information and a mind to thrift.

The New Seed Starter’s Handbook by Nancy Bubel. Extremely informative on all aspects of seed starting and growing vegetables and flowers.

Biodynamic Agricultural Planting Guide and Calendar: Inspirational, practical advice, working with Cosmic Rhythms. A planting guide by the phases of the moon.


Stokes Seeds: Excellent directions on germinating flowers and vegetables in the catalogue and on seed packets. Order early, as seeds take a long time to arrive.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Good germinating and growing directions. Used to be more comprehensive but still some good advice.

Pinetree Garden Seeds: Good plant descriptions, homey feeling to the business.

Fedco Seeds: Wonderful olde time catalogue of many organic seeds. Good reading about the different varieties.

Richters Herb Catalogue: A treasure trove of herbs. Good plant descriptions, herbal uses and history.