Zoom is a web conferencing tool that is used for some Windsor Public Library programming. Zoom can be accessed with a SmartPhone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (provided you have video and audio capabilities.)
To access Zoom with your computer:
1. Go to https://zoom.us/  and click on SIGN UP/IT'S FREE. You will need to create an account with a password.
2. Once you have an account, if you are attending a zoom meeting via your computer, click on JOIN A MEETING in the upper righthand corner. The meeting/event you are attending, should have given you the 10-digit number to input.
To access Zoom with an iPhone or iPad:
1. Go to the app store. Find & download Zoom.     2. Now open it! 
3. Once Zoom is open, join a meeting!
The meeting you are attending should
have sent you out the 10-digit meeting           4. Select Call using Internet Audio.
code to input.                                                   Now enjoy your Zoom event!