Friends of Windsor Library Now Accepting Book Donations for the Annual Sale
Thank you for considering the Windsor Public Library for your book donations! All funds from the sale go directly to the library and we could not be so successful without your generosity. But. Please remember that the books you donate must be sellable as it costs the library money to discard those that can't sell.
As you cull your personal library, please consider the following guidelines:
Yes, please! (In good condition)
- Fiction
- Nonfiction
- History, biography
- Cookbooks (yum!)
- Gardening books
- Art books
- Kids' books
- Audiobooks, CDs, DVDs
 No thank you. (Unsellable)
 - Textbooks and encyclopedias
- Books smelling of smoke, mildew, etc.
- Books in poor condition, chewed on, falling apart, etc.
- Magazines
- Audiocassettes, VHC Tapes, Records/Vinyl & Computer software
- Reader's Digest Condensed and Time-Life Books
If you wouldn't give it to a friend, please don't give it to us.
Donations will only be accepted during regular library hours. Please don't leave donations on the stoop! If you have a large amount of materials to donate, please contact the library at 802-674-2556.