Windsor Public Library's Historical Collection 
Windsor Public Library has a wealth of historical resources related to Windsor and Vermont history that you can peruse onsite at the library once our doors are again open. On this page, we will give you a virtual taste of what is on offer. We plan to be regularly adding virtual resources and information to this page to both increase the visibility of our onsite historical resources and to add online information that is accessible to anyone anywhere.
Are you interested in a quick snapshot of Windsor from the 1800's? Here's a blurb from the New England Gazetteer of 1839, mentioning that Windsor is a place where 10,000 sheep are sheared annually. About Windsor's beauty, it states, "There are but few villages in our country which make a more delightful appearance." The population of Windsor in 1830 was 3,134. The 2010 census found Windsor's population to be just a little more than that: 3,553.
What if we'd like some historical context in looking at situations we may be dealing with today in Vermont? For instance, we can look at The Laws of Vermont of a Publick and Permanent Nature: Coming Down to, And Including the Year 1824 and compare our current disease mitigation and prevention strategies relating to COVID-19 with disease management strategies from that time period. One of the laws included relates to managing and caring for individuals suffering from small pox.